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Dc12v 8-quart High Flow Double-acting Hydraulic Pump Power Unit Dump Trailer

   8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump 12V Dump Trailer Metal Reservoir For Dump Trailer. The hydraulic power unit consists of high pressure gear pump, dc motor, multi-purpse integrated block, all kinds of hydraulic valve, fuel tanks and other components co. Is a organnic combination, is a typical power up, power down the hydraulic circuit. The second relief valve system realize the control of the downward pressure, pressure compensated flow valve automatically to falling speed adjustment. This product is widely used in small dump truck, hydraulic winch. This power unit is suitable for ...

Dc12v 8 Quart Tank Dump Trailer Hydraulic Power Unit Pack Pump Double Acting

   Hydraulic Double Acting 12V DC Dump Trailer Pump. This power unit designed for medium and small lift platform, by the high pressure pump, ac motor, multi-purpose integrated block, hydraulic valve, fuel tanks and other components combined into one. Reduced lift platform controlled by electromagnetic unloading valve, falling speed is controlled by a bulit-in balancing valve. Back-up manual unlaoding valve is used to power down. It's widely used in stacker, samll and medium-sized lifting platform and various industrial fields. This unit comes standard in many dump trailers and It is a ...
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